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Think it Through

A.I.’s Beautiful Mind

Can AlphaGo teach us anything substantive about financial markets? The principles of the financial markets are more qualitative and mysterious than games. Still, there are rules. And parameters. And these can be learned.

High Tech Low Life


To some people, batteries are used to power electronics. To others, they’re the next wave of transportation. To some, they’re for strapping to your face to reach hitherto unparalleled levels of mental capacity.

From the Mothership

Working It: The Labor Force in Literature & Beyond

Our inaugural event brought finance and literature together with four extraordinary authors reading about what work means today – and what it might mean tomorrow.

Think it Through

Poetry As Public Private Performance Art

Space is at a premium in the subway. Ads are a reality. So why are we all so bent out of shape over the PolicyGenius ads?

Think it Through

It’s All About Reputation Now

The greater the amount of information that circulates, the more we rely on so-called reputational devices to evaluate it.

Think it Through

When Your Job Defines You

From company towns to the gig economy, ways of thinking about our relationship with work are shifting.

Book Smart

The Monster from Menlo Park

Mark Zuckerberg is experiencing his ‘Frankenstein moment’ but this analogy detracts our attention from the most significant matter at hand: the future regulation of social media.

Think it Through

The Warped Recipes of Algorithms

Algorithms should not be allowed to fail quietly. Promises of a better future need to be accompanied, or preceded, by promises of better algorithmic recipes.

Think it Through

Safeguarding Our Digital Identity

In the struggle to maintain control over personal data, we often sacrifice sovereignty for convenience.

Past as Present

They Are the Last

A rare peek at the solitary life of a lighthouse keeper, whose work will soon be completely replaced by automation.

Think it Through

The Fallacy of Meritocracy

Corporations, non-profits, governments, universities and even preschools test, score and hire the best. This all but guarantees not creating the best team.

Book Smart

I’ll Pay Her Nothing to Read Dover Beach

Talking to My Daughter about the Economy is the first post-post-modern parenting book. This is parental love haunted by hypocrisy.

Think it Through

A Philosopherʼs Guide to Hacking Finance

For technology to keep up, it has to think like a person again.

Past as Present

Market Volatility’s Dirty Little Secret

Financial markets are more vulnerable than ever to another fast, unexpected, quant-driven fluctuation.


Why Ben Left Banking

Ben LeBlanc had the MBA, the international experience, and the big firm clout. But when he took stock of his career ambitions, he realized it was time to trade the cush for the couche couche.

Past as Present

Designing for Spooky Coincidence

Create an ecosystem with a particular opportunity, and a suitably talented person will shape something new.

Think it Through

Too Clever By Half

Coyotes can change the world. Coyotes WILL change the world. But not if they misplay the meta-game. Not if they hang out with raccoons.

High Tech Low Life

The Piracy Exam

It’s hard to believe, but the solution to the free-for-all of the internet really is by invitation only.

Think it Through

Why Philosophy is So Important in Science Education

It is no wonder that some of my students are doubtful that philosophers have anything useful to say about science.

From the Mothership

Letter from the Founder

For most people, finance is at best something to be tolerated, endured. Avoided when possible.


Matching Her Own Patterns

For Arlan Hamilton, one of the country’s few Black gay female VCs, Silicon Valley is on the edge of a revolution.


We Need a Very, Very Big Change

Carlota Perez has inspired students of economic theory—and a who’s-who of venture capitalists—to consider where today’s innovation sits in the context of what she calls a “a great surge.”



AHFR17 offered a safe space to take a hike from regular day-to-day life, unplug and let the crisp alpine air hit your face. Also, selfies.

Think it Through

The Ethics of Immortality Technology

Immortality has gone secular. Unhooked from the realm of gods and angels, it’s now the subject of serious investment—both intellectual and financial—by philosophers, scientists and the Silicon Valley set.

High Tech Low Life

A Peent in the Wind

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that a joke becomes a meme. Is it the first time it’s retold? Is it the first thousand times? There’s no logic to the process. You just know it when you see it.

Book Smart

This Little Piggy Raised Money

Pigs no longer need magic to save their lives. They need crowdfunding. Wilbur, meet Esther.

From the Mothership

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